Class Descriptions

Everyday People Yoga in Eugene, Oregon offers  a wide variety of styles of yoga classes that cater to students of all ages, body types, and physical abilities. Familiarize yourself with each style by reading the detailed descriptions below:


Essential Vinyasa 

Essential Vinyasa classes center around a core set of postures from each major category, presenting a balanced workout for the entire body that helps to reset the mind. Strength, stamina, and flexibility are equally emphasized, with a pace that is notably quicker than Gentle Flow, yet slower than Tapas Vinyasa. Each movement is synchronized to the breath, and the pace is steady, with poses flowing from one to the next in a mindful way. Not recommended for complete beginners.


Tapas Vinyasa

Tapas is a Sanskrit word that refers to the intense quality of fire that we cultivate as we practice, burning away all that does not serve us on the path. Tapas Vinyasa classes are for both intermediate students who have some experience with flowing yoga classes, as well as more advanced students. The pace is faster than Essential Vinyasa, and advanced options are given for those who wish to explore poses deeper. Careful attention is given to safe sequencing: each class includes a balanced mix of sun salutations, standing postures, core work, arm balances, twists, backbends, and inversions. Not recommended for beginners.


Yin Yoga

Originally developed by Taoist yogi Paulie Zink, Yin yoga aims to improve flexibility by stimulating the connective tissues to help increase circulation in the joints. Holding specific seated and supine postures for anywhere from 3 – 10 minutes at a time while practicing deep breathing is said to improve the flow of Qi: the subtle energy that travels along the body’s meridians. Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing, yet invigorating practice that is intended to supplement the average Western Yang lifestyle. Yin Yoga differs from Restorative Yoga mainly in the level of challenge of the poses offered. Not recommended for beginners.


Moving into Nidra

These classes weave together the vital practices of both Gentle Flow and Yoga Nidra, with the aim of bringing participants back to the natural state of relaxation and expansiveness. Moving into Nidra classes begin with a half hour of slower, more deliberate standing flows. The second half of class is purely dedicated to Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a soothing guided meditation that follows a specific theme, such as body sensations, visualization, or silent invocation. Students are encouraged to lie down and get comfortable using various props, and to maintain alert and aware while consciously resting the entire body. When practiced with mindfulness, this ancient art removes mental filters that create energy blocks in the body, promoting regeneration at the cellular level. Moving into Nidra sessions are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Students of all levels are welcome.


Vin/Yin Yoga

Vin/Yin is a marriage of the strong, yang Vinyasa Yoga with the receptive Yin Yoga. Active, yet grounding sun salutations and standing flows are offered in the first half of class to enliven the body and chase away any fatigue. The Yin half of class, on the other hand, offers passive, seated and supine poses that are held for anywhere from 2 – 7 minutes on each side. The Yin aspect helps to switch off fight-or-flight mode, promoting balance throughout the nervous system and allowing for a sense of peace and relaxation. Not recommended for complete beginners.


Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan brought the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to the West from India in 1969. Today they are practiced worldwide to quiet the mind so that we can more easily hear our inner voice.

Kundalini classes include yogic postures combined with specialized breathing techniques (pranayams), mantras, mudras, and meditations. The practice focuses on revealing our radiant self by increasing energy flow in the body. Students of all levels are welcome.


Gentle Flow

Gentle classes are perfect for those who desire a slower paced class, or those newer to yoga. A safe environment is created for students to explore their bodies, with poses that focus equally on strength, balance, and flexibility. Classes include a balanced combination of basic sun salutations, standing postures, seated forward folds, gentle backbends, twists, and basic inversions. Students are encouraged to use props and alternate movements to modify poses when appropriate. Gentle classes are also great for those who are recovering from injury, or seek treatment for a condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or sciatica. Perfect for beginners!


Restorative Yoga 

Restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing, yet invigorating practice that is beneficial for every type of student. Holding postures for 2 – 7 minutes on each side improves flexibility by stimulating the connective tissues, tones the internal organs, and improves circulation. Each pose includes options for exploration, as well as guidance on the use of props for additional support. Restoratives are great for athletes, those suffering from stress, recovering from injury, or seeking overall balance. They are also perfect for beginners.


Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga classes focus on alignment, energy flow, and the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Routines flow from one pose to the next, and postures are practiced while standing, sitting, or lying down. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace, making Zen Yoga suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Alignment is emphasized as a means of fostering a smooth, powerful energy flow within the body, while mindfulness helps to unlock physical tension and emotional blockages. More information about Matt’s class. Here is Shinkai doing a Zen Taiso routine in Japan.


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga classes help children develop healthy bodies, flowering hearts, and a calm, focused mind! Classes include heaps of playful movement and partner activity. Poses are related to aspects of nature, such as trees, birds, and animals. Children learn to have fun while cultivating universal, heart-centered laws. For children up to age 12. Parents are welcome to join—children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.


Guided Meditation

Meditations begin with about 5 minutes of stretches to warm the body in preparation for sitting. Students are encouraged to sit in any posture that feels comfortable, with options including the use of a chair, wall, cushions, and/or blankets for additional support. Universal techniques are offered that have been proven effective for calming the mind. These sessions are FREE and open to everyone.

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