Class Descriptions

Everyday People Yoga in Eugene, Oregon offers donation-based yoga classes for students of all levels. All classes can be considered a combination of hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga; the fusion of physical effort with careful sequencing. Classes are for ages twelve and up.


Restorative (Yin) Yoga 

Sometimes referred to as Yin Yoga, restorative yoga is a deeply relaxing yet invigorating practice that is beneficial for every type of student. Holding postures for 2 – 5 minutes improves flexibility by stimulating the connective tissues and increasing circulation in the joints. Each pose includes options for exploration, as well as guidance on the use of props for additional support. Restoratives are great for athletes, those suffering from stress, recovering from injury, or seeking overall balance. They are also perfect for anyone who is taking their first yoga class.


Gentle Flow

Gentle yoga classes are intended for beginners who are either new to yoga, or those who desire a slower-paced class. A safe environment is created for students to explore their bodies, with poses that focus on building strength, balance, and flexibility. Classes include a balanced combination of basic sun salutations, standing postures, forward folds, gentle backbends, and twists. The pace is slower, and students are encouraged to use props to modify poses when appropriate. Gentle classes are also great for those who are recovering from injury, or seek treatment for a condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or sciatica.


Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga classes focus on alignment, energy flow, and the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Routines flow from one pose to the next, and postures are practiced while standing, sitting, and lying down. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace, making Zen Yoga suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Alignment is emphasized as a means of fostering a smooth, powerful energy flow within the body, while mindfulness helps with unlocking physical tension and emotional blockages. More information about Matt’s class: Here is a video of Matt doing a Zen Taiso routine in Japan:


Vinyasa All Levels

Vinyasa All Levels classes present a balanced spectrum of postures that are neither to simple or too challenging. Strength, flexibility, and stamina are equally emphasized, with a pace that is quicker than Gentle Flow, yet slower than Vinyasa Intermediate.


Vinyasa Intermediate

This Vinyasa class is for both intermediate students who have some experience with flowing yoga classes, as well as more experienced students. Advanced variations are offered for those who wish to explore deeper. The pace is steady, with poses flowing from one to the next. Careful attention is given to safe sequencing; each class includes a balanced mix of sun salutations, standing postures, core work, arm balances, twists, backbends, and inversions. Not recommended for beginners.


Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga classes help children develop healthy bodies, flowering hearts, and a calm, focused mind! Classes include heaps of playful movement and partner activity. Poses are related to aspects of nature, such as trees, birds, and animals. Children learn to have fun while cultivating universal, heart-centered laws. For children up to age 12. Parents are welcome to join – children under 4 must be accompanied by an adult.


Yoga-related offerings



Satsang means “being with the truth.” It is a gathering of like-minded individuals with the intention of expressing divinity by sharing Sanskrit and English chants for happiness, health, and well-being. There will also be periods for meditation (dhyana), and readings/discussion (svadhyaya). Participants are encouraged to share whatever they feel inspired to offer to the group.

This weekly gathering offers a supportive environment that nurtures spiritual growth, and is open to everyone. Half of donations received will support local charities selected monthly by students.


Guided Meditation

We begin with about 5 minutes of stretches to warm the body in preparation for sitting. Students are encouraged to sit in any posture they feel most comfortable, with the option of using the wall, cushions, and/or blankets for additional support. All will be encouraged to shift position at any time if there is discomfort. Together we will practice universal, natural techniques that have been proven effective for calming the mind.


Pranic healing sessions

Free or by donation – Pranic healing sessions are intended for those who need individual attention to address specific ailments of the body/mind/spirit. Pranic healing channels life-force to blockages that cause pain or suffering, opening the energy channels in order to allow the body to heal itself naturally. No touch is involved, and talking is minimized. Participants can be seated or lying down, and are asked to close their eyes and breathe deeply throughout the session, which may last anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour. Facilitated by Phoenix.


The following classes are not currently offered, though they may be revived!


Vinyasa Advanced

This Vinyasa class is for advanced students. The pace is fast, with poses flowing from one to the next. Careful attention is given to safe sequencing; each class emphasizes sun salutations and standing postures, but also includes a balanced variety of core work, arm balances, twists, backbends, and inversions. Not recommended for beginners.


Open Practice 

Students will have the opportunity to practice either a sequence of postures designed by the instructor that addresses an individual’s needs, or a sequence of their own from any yoga style(s). An instructor will be present to offer guidance to each student where appropriate. This may be in the form of verbal and visual cues, and/or physical assists for those who feel comfortable being adjusted. Open practice is different than led classes, since students aren’t given cues for each breath and movement. This allows practitioners to go at their own pace.


Iyengar Yoga Mixed Levels

Named after BKS Iyengar by his students, Iyengar Yoga is currently offered at thousands of yoga institutes and studios worldwide. Iyengar classes emphasize precise alignment, longer holds, and the use of props and modifications to allow newer students to access even seemingly difficult postures. Recommended for intermediate/advanced students.


Yin Yoga

Originally developed by Taoist yogi Paulie Zink, and recently spread throughout the United States by Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley, to name a few, Yin yoga aims to improve flexibility by stimulating the connective tissues to help increase circulation in the joints. Holding seated and supine postures for 3 – 5 minutes at a time while practicing deep breathing is said to improve the flow of Qi: the subtle energy that travels along the body’s meridians. Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing, yet invigorating practice that is intended to supplement the average Western Yang, or active lifestyle.

Yin Yoga is suitable for students with at least some familiarity with yoga, who are comfortable holding seated postures for an extended duration.


Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Mixed Levels

Originally designed by Krishnamacharya, this set of six series was taught to young, athletic boys at the Mysore Palace in Southern India. Among them were Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar. Considered by many to be the original flow-oriented practice out of which the sun salutations have evolved, ashtanga yoga includes a wide variety of postures that are interconnected. Deep, rhythmic breathing is encouraged throughout the practice in order to stoke the internal fire (agni) of purification.

In this class, students will be led through the primary series, with modifications offered where appropriate. Recommended for intermediate/advanced students who have at least some familiarity with Vinyasa/Power classes.


Zen Meditation

The practice of Zen meditation is thousands of years old, having been transmitted from Northern India to China, Korea, and Japan. Meditation practice helps us to break the habit of being controlled by our many thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This makes it easier for us to respond to stress, worries, and clinging to the past.

As one’s meditation practice deepens, its benefits naturally begin to extend into every aspect of life. No matter what situation one is faced with, it becomes easier to remain centered, which allows us to truly enjoy our lives. All are welcome to join – participants choose the posture that is most comfortable, adjusting whenever necessary.

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