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We are closely following all state health guidelines to safely operate during Covid-19. Students who are fully vaccinated can practice without a mask while on their mat. Please show your vaccine card to your instructor at the start of class. “Fully vaccinated” means 2 weeks post final vaccine dose.

Your Yoga Practice Supports a Grounded, Healthy Life!

  •   A balanced nervous system
  •   Mindfulness of the body, breathing, and mind which fosters well-being and insight
  •   De-stressing and relaxation
  •   The ability to let go of things you’re holding onto
  •   A deeper sense of connection to your inner universe and the outer world
"This studio and its community are woven into my heart and home."
"Love this place. It's very welcoming and non-judgemental."
"A wonderful, serene space with talented and dedicated teachers, offering a variety of class styles in an accepting and encouraging atmosphere."