EPY maintains the highest professional standards for yoga instruction. All of our yoga instructors are certified through Yoga Alliance approved programs. Each has considers teaching to be an exercise in loving-kindness, striving to be as genuine, compassionate, and helpful as possible. 


Everyday People Yoga

Jackie Moon

My curious soul and sincere ​gratitude​​ ​for the path of yoga​ ​has allowed me to find m​y​ own rhythm in this flowing world​. My offering is to share the understanding of connection among all living beings.​ ​I hold ​profound respect for the unique​ qualities of each practitioner​, ​allowing​​ ​the structure of practice to fit the needs of each student in their present state.​ ​I ​feel honored to share this connection of mind, body, breath and spirit. ​Om shanti~


Everyday People Yoga

Ariel Fair

Yoga is a beautiful practice for healing by connecting breath and movement. Discovering this art has changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. I wish to help spread the inner sense of peace experienced through Yoga, while continuing to grow and learn with others I meet along the way. Namaste!


Everyday People Yoga

Nikki Ferguson

Namaste! I began practicing yoga as a way to quiet my mind and connect with my inner Self. I believe in the simple beauty of unifying breath with movement, and using this tool to deepen our connection to both the energetic and physical universe. I look forward to helping students discover the advantages of all that Yoga has to offer, improving the well-being of body, mind and spirit.


Everyday People Yoga

Denise Massey

I believe that yoga is truly a divine gift to humanity. The philosophy and teachings of yoga provide us with the tools necessary for healing ourselves. My own personal healing and transformation through this beautiful, ancient practice over the last ten years has inspired me to teach so that I can help others to find strength and flexibility in their bodies, to center and quiet the mind, and to nurture the spirit. I hope to spread the bliss among all and any who seek!


Everyday People Yoga

Gabriel Rima

Being raised in a Yogic household, I learned early to act with compassion, reverence, and humility for the miracle of life. Through developing my own personal relationship with Yoga as a spiritual and physical discipline when I was a teenager, I made vast improvements in health, well-being, and overall satisfaction. These changes in lifestyle and perspective have continued to positively shape my journey. I want students to leave my classes with a feeling of deep relaxation, peace, and self-love. I strive to offer a heart-centered, intuitive, Yin style yoga as an alternative to the strenuous and demanding practices that are commonplace in our society. May all beings be free of suffering. Many blessings.


Everyday People Yoga

Lauren Lewis

Practicing yoga has been an amazing journey of self-discovery, and I feel honored to be able to walk alongside others on this beautiful path. We are truly blessed in this human birth, and every opportunity we have to reconnect with the breath through movement can bring peace and healing. This has been my experience, and as a student of bodywork and other healing arts, yoga is an integral part of maintaining compassionate awareness and coming home to the true (yet ever-changing) self. Welcome home!


Everyday People Yoga

Austin Prado

Yoga has brought me true healing, and has improved all facets of my being. At this time on the path of Self-realization, I can no longer keep the bliss of yoga to myself; I must share it with others. My intention as a yoga instructor is to help students connect with their inner teacher. I feel blessed to aid fellow seekers on their path. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


Zoe Werthamer

The yoga practice has granted me a sense of peace; bringing awareness and intention to the body and breath. In my classes, I strive to promote openness physically, mentally, and spiritually, spreading calm and compassion through mindful instruction of breath and movement.


Everyday People Yoga

Matt Shinkai Kane

I consider myself extremely lucky to have learned from extraordinary teachers during the course of 9 years of Zen practice in Japan. Throughout this time I was taught how to pass on the traditions of Zen Yoga, Zen meditation and East Asian energy work practices (Jpn. ‘kiko’). My classes teach students how to settle into the present moment, tuning in to what can release and un-lock in ourselves so that we can relax deeply. I have over 7 years of experience teaching at temples and studios in Japan, London, and the US, and am registered as an E-RYT.


Everyday People Yoga

Colin Taylor

OM Shanti! Yoga has come into my life as a comet does in a night sky – moving like lightning through the heavens, bringing the blessings of ancient council. Yoga is prayer, breath, movement and stillness. I create a poetic, playful environment for others to experience these ancient healing practices. May you be blessed, and may every living soul find peace in this existence. Shanti OM!


Everyday People Yoga

Heidi Zola

For me, yoga has been a beautiful journey of self discovery –  a sacred path that becomes richer every day. I believe that each of us is powerful beyond measure. As a teacher and friend, I hope to support you on your path, but most of all, I hope to inspire you so that you may realize your own brilliant inner light. “You are not a drop in the ocean but the entire ocean in one single drop” – Rumi


Everyday People Yoga

Soma Bhargo

Yoga is much more than a physical practice – by connecting the body, breath, and mind, we gain access to our highest Selves. Yoga is also a form of prayer: a gateway to ancient wisdom traditions. The practice of yoga develops strength, flexibility and stability on all levels of our being, allowing us to more fully share our gifts with the world. Practicing with the community at EPY has brought me personal healing and a feeling of family that I hope to share with my students. I look forward to meeting you on the mat. Namaste!


Everyday People Yoga

Susan Goldberg

My introduction to yoga began in 2009 as an alternative form of fitness, and to stay warm during cold, rainy Oregon winters!  So began a love affair that has grown stronger with each passing year. I continue to study with Ganga White and Tracey Rich of the White Lotus Foundation, as well as other skillful yoga masters in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My philosophy on yoga and life in general is simple: Be real, be truthful, have fun, be free – everything else is taken care of.


Everyday People Yoga

Danni Frans

Yoga invites us to come as we are, to take part in a journey that supports our personal evolution. Learning to relax fully, uniting mind, body, and breath through conscious movement, we can open a space that allows wellness to take root and grow. I am privileged to share with you this beautiful, healing practice.


Everyday People Yoga

Phoenix Desmond

Since 2007, I have been studying yoga and healing arts intensely with Masters from the East. After a series of life-altering experiences walking among the sadhus in the Himalayas, I returned to the states and spent several years deeply immersed in personal practice. Afterward, I was guided to become a formal teacher and make Eastern wisdom accessible to the modern Western yoga practitioner. My intention is to spread the abundance of healing energy he has received from the practice, in order to create the greatest good for the greatest number of beings. May you be blessed with perfect health, happiness, and harmony!

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