200 Hour Zen Yoga Teacher Training


Week 1: April 13 – 21, 2024.
Week 2: May 25 – June 2, 2024. Full immersion schedule.

LOCATION: Big Bear Retreat Center in Walton, Oregon.


Tuition: $2,600 for the course.
Plus: $1,520 for meals and accommodations at Big Bear.
Total: $4,120
Non-refundable deposit (reserves your space): $150
10% course discount ($260 off) when registered/deposit paid by March 1st, 2024
Monthly auto-pay plans are granted on an individual basis.

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER: everydaypeopleyoga@gmail.com or bluecliffzen@gmail.com

LEAD TRAINER: Matt Shinkai Kane (E-RYT)

200 Hour Zenways Yoga Teacher Training

What’s Included:

  • 2 full weeks of personal guidance from experienced yoga and meditation teachers with backgrounds in Zen and East Asian yoga traditions

  • Certificate of completion (upon graduation) which will allow for RYT registration with Yoga Alliance

  • Ongoing support and mentorship in completing your final requirements

  • Access to the Zenways Yoga Forum which contains many, many classes and resources for growing your teaching and development

General Information:

Our Zenways yoga teacher training is uniquely rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Over the course of the training we study yoga from both the East Asian and Indian lenses. More details and feedback about the Zenways YTT can be found here.

Zen yoga practice is grounded in alignment, energy flow, and mindfulness. This teacher training encourages you in finding your own truth and expressing/teaching from there. Our focus is on giving you the principles and tools you need to become a confident, creative, professional yoga teacher. More about Zen yoga can be found here.

The 2024 200-hour yoga teacher training is held at Big Bear Retreat Center in Walton, Oregon. It’s absolutely beautiful out there, and we eat vegetarian food prepared with deep care. Our teacher training gives a solid foundation in teaching different styles of yoga including Zen Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow, among others. Our graduates move in many different directions.

Some folks enter our training intending to teach, others do not. Regardless of your intentions, completing a yoga teacher training can be tremendously beneficial in supporting folks who are involved in many professions. Deeply practicing and learning over an entire season helps you to be healthier and happier, and often sets your life in a new direction.

Spring 2023 YTT Folks

Pre-2020 YTT Group

(A few of our YTT folks prefer not to be on social media.)

Insights from Graduates

“The Zenways program has given me the training I need to confidently and safely teach mindful yoga. It meshed beautifully with the strong personal practice I already had and put all the pieces together for me.”

“[The teacher training] changed my perspective on yoga, health and well-being, and personal practice. I feel I can offer students a more authentic expression of yogic principles based on the long legacy of yogic practices, the knowledge offered in the training, and my personal experience of yoga.”

“I loved this Dharma-rich program! It was a treasure to find a yoga teacher training steeped in the Zen tradition. The schedule beautifully balanced the hands on practices with fascinating in-depth lectures.”

I really enjoyed the teacher training. It was a very thorough, welcoming, supportive, and encouraging environment. The teacher was amazing and created a safe, relaxed environment for learning.

The yoga experience was wonderful. There were so many different areas of learning for me and I will continue to learn more. I am truly grateful for being able to participate in this practice.

Loved it, learned a lot. I will be processing my reflections for some time. Really broadened my perspective of healing, that which is beyond the seen, and how I see myself in relation to yoga/yoga lifestyle/serving others.