“I signed up for the 200 hour teacher training course at EPY hoping to deepen my practice, learn more about the spiritual roots of yoga and meet others with similar interests. The training surpassed my expectations. I always looked forward to our training weekends. The asana, chanting and meditation practices, as well as our assigned readings, gave me the strength and perspective to adjust to some big life changes I was going through. The training was challenging, thorough and complete. I’ve not only deepened my yoga practice, but gained the confidence and skill to be a solid teacher. I’m very happy I chose to study at EPY, and highly recommend this training to serious students of yoga.” – Soma Liana Bhargo


“Be careful—this training will transform your life if you let it! The depth of Phoenix’s knowledge and practice of both the  yoga philosophy and physical asanas is profound. I loved that there was ample opportunity for group discussion, questions, practice and meditation. I learned so much and truly enjoyed myself through this training.” – Shelley Villalobos


“The breadth and depth of information relating to the practice of yoga was immense and insightful, including anatomy, spirituality, history, posture alignment, and even Thai massage techniques. Phoenix knows yoga intimately and I feel extremely fortunate to have studied under him.” – Heidi Zola


“Phoenix goes far beyond the requirements to ensure that students gain a deep understanding of what goes into teaching yoga. Before going into it, I wasn’t sure if I was physically advanced enough, but I quickly learned that true dedication to the practice is most important.” – Elyse James


“I would recommend the Yoga teacher training at EPY without reservation. It’s a comprehensive, well rounded, and transformative program, whether you’re interested in an immersion experience or wish to share Yoga with others.” – Danni Frans