“The body follows the mind, which follows the will, which is of the spirit.”

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Location: Mount Shasta, California
Guide: Phoenix Desmond

Dates: September 2 – 5, 2016
Exchange: $395 by July 31

* 50 % of proceeds will go to global charities


☥ An awareness retreat is an opportunity to unplug from everyday reality in order to tap into the Higher Intelligence at work in our lives. For 3 days, the sangha will have opportunities to explore alternate modes of being, directly challenging accumulated mental patterns that are not serving their highest potential. All of the practices shared are simple, yet effective means of cultivating an awareness that one can sustain even amidst the chaos of everyday affairs.

This will be a shamanic journey in a powerful chi field, where Mother Earth’s life force is particularly active. Beautiful scenes in Nature will serve as the backdrop for a total reset of the body and mind. The experience is not for the casual seeker wanting a simple vacation. You can expect to face personal triumphs and challenges, supernatural occurrences, and other manifestations that will illuminate different facets of both your light, and shadow side.


Is this healing journey for you?

  • You recognize meditation, yoga postures, chanting, and other ancient practices as vital to well-being, and aren’t afraid to explore them in depth
  • You take full responsibility for your reality, yet also believe in a Higher Power at work
  • Longevity, quality of life, and alignment with nature all have special appeal to you
  • You aren’t afraid to address your own mental/emotional and spiritual blocks
  • You don’t shy away from ideas about Higher Intelligence, Ascended Masters, and supernatural phenomena


❂ (Not Your) Average Day ❂

7 – 8 am: Breakfast

8 – 10:00 am: Group meditations and movements, chanting (kirtan) with harmonium

10 – 12 pm: Awareness discussions and practices

12 – 1 pm: Lunch

2 – 6 pm: Nature exploration (hiking, swimming, being)

6:30 – 7:30 pm: Dinner

7:30 – 10 pm: Group readings, spiritual life discussions


What’s Included:


      • 3 days/nights modern, comfortable accommodations
      • 2 gourmet vegetarian meals per day with vegan options, plus a full kitchen stocked with an array of breakfast foods and snacks for individual preparation
      • Afternoon visits to sacred vortexes on and around Mt. Shasta
      • 3 days of personal instruction and guidance: guided meditations and other practices interspersed throughout the day, chanting sessions, and plenty of discussions
      • Carpool opportunities to and from the Eugene area


Space is very limited. If interested, send us your contact information here