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Got Questions?

What travel arrangements do I need to make?

All participants must arrive by 3:00 pm on January 5. Departure will be at 11 am on January 15. 

The retreat center is a 15 – 20 minute drive from Kahului Airport (OGG). You may choose to travel either by uber, taxi, or rental car. 

What should I bring?

A pair of sandals, hiking shoes, some light pants, a brimmed hat, bathing suit and beach towel, sunglasses, slightly warmer clothing for the evening, natural sun block and bug spray, flashlight, and writing utensils.

How is the weather? What should I wear?

Maui’s year round temperature ranges from 70 – 85 degrees during the day, and 55 – 70 degrees at night. The wet season lasts from December – March, and the dry season extends from April – November. Maui is mostly casual: shorts, tees and tank tops, sundresses and sandals are all appropriate. Light, comfortable yoga clothing is best.

What activities are available during free time?

The training facility is within reasonable driving distance of beaches, nature hikes, and more. On some days, we may 

Are there any other services available? 

Yes, there are several massage and bodywork modalities to choose from during our afternoon breaks, for an additional fee. Appointments can be made in advance. The practitioners are independent professionals from all over Maui. Some of their offerings include:

  •    Acupuncture
  •    Massage and Cranio-Sacral therapy
  •    Aromatherapy

Information about Eco-friendly Practices

  •    We support local farmers, chefs, musicians, and teachers
  •    We compost all organic kitchen waste for future gardening, and recycle as much
  •    We grow some of the herbs, fruits and vegetables used in meals in our garden

What’s Included:

  • Self-serve breakfast plus 2 gourmet prepared vegan meals per day
  • 10 days of personal instruction and guidance: daily yoga & meditation classes, options for nature excursions, yin training, and kirtan (chanting) sessions in the second half of the course

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation costs: Airfare, Rental car (if desired), Travel Insurance
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Any associated costs for outside excursions
  • Healing and wellness treatments