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Have you ever longed for the opportunity to unplug from society? To travel to a tropical and majestic setting where you can reconnect with the vibrance and simplicity of nature? Where nothing is expected from you, and all your needs are met? To be able to recharge the mind and body without any interference from the outside world, and no-one trying to fix you or put you down? Sound too good to be true? 

Many of us are overwhelmed by the stress of modern life, but at the same time feel unworthy of taking a break. But if we don’t allow ourselves the gift of simply being for our own health and happiness, then how can we expect to be able to give to family and friends? If we don’t take the time to reset the mind, then how can we stay focused at work, or present with anyone?  

We are a team of normal people and practitioners from all walks of life, who all share one thing in common: the desire to serve others, so that they can experience more joy. We aren’t trying to sell you some magic pill or philosophy, or speak in foreign spiritual terms. No special background in yoga or meditation is required.

This course is a silent yoga and meditation retreat, as well as an optional Yin yoga teacher training for those who wish to receive certification for Yin Yoga. The techniques we present are so simple and universal, that anyone can practice them. Our 10 days together will look something like this: 

During the first five days, participants will maintain regenerative silence. All practices will be optional, encouraged only for your well being. You will have opportunities to practice meditation while sitting, walking, and lying down. There will also be Yin Yoga sessions with modifications that anyone—even complete beginners—can practice safely and effectively. 

This will be followed by 5 days of integration. In the morning, there will be voluntary meditation and yoga sessions similar to the first 5 days. In the afternoon, participants will have the freedom to choose one of several options: a nature excursion with one of our local guides, guest talks about health and well-being, yin training with a certified yoga teacher for existing/aspiring yoga teachers, free time to simply enjoy the beauty and serenity of Hale Akua, and/or evening kirtan sessions with a variety of musicians. 

Modern & comfortable


Each room and house on the property is completely unique. Rooms are shared yet large and private, consisting of 2 - 3 guests at most. Participants book their rooms separately through Hale Akua's website, and will be able to choose between a twin or queen bed (according to availability). Visit their website for detailed photos of every available room.

Retreat Cost: $ 1,350

Special: 10% discount for friends and couples who register together!

Retreat cost is separate from lodging, which is booked separate through Hale Akua. Discount applies to retreat cost. We expect this course to fill quickly, as space is limited. If the course is full, there will be a waitlist for future dates. A significant amount of proceeds support Amrita SeRVe. 

Enhancing your practice


The type of food we eat during a silent retreat directly affects our ability to focus, which affects our ability to experience peace and well-being. 

We will share simple, colorful, nutrient dense, vegan meals. Plant-based foods have been proven to be the most readily digestible, and have the added effect of calming the mind. The food we serve is local and organic whenever possible, with many farm-to-table ingredients. Also, We add protein options to each and every meal. You will be fed a variety of nuts, beans, and grains, 

Our head chef will take any allergies and dietary considerations into account when preparing meals. 

Breakfasts are self-serve, with options including muesli or granola with nut milk, fresh fruits, oats or chia pudding. 

Lunches and dinners are carefully planned to be suitable for the climate. The food is light, yet savory and nourishing.

During afternoon breaks, we will offer a mid-day snack: typically a power-packed smoothie and some type of energy ball or bar, in case you need an extra boost! Tea and a variety of fresh fruit will also be available throughout the day.  

Room to stretch out and breathe

Practice Spaces

The facilities at Hale Akua include: a yoga studio, salt-water pool, jacuzzi, pools and grassy areas for meditation, and a working farm. What's more, the property is surrounded by lush, green mountainsides, panoramic views of blue ocean waters. A giant waterfall on the cliffs directly below the property feeds the property with negative ions year-round, creating a pristine environment for spiritual pursuits.

Explore beauty

Reconnect with Nature

Maui is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. What’s more, Hawaii is the most remote island chain in the world: over 2,000 miles from the nearest land mass! During the second half of your retreat, each afternoon you will have the opportunity to take a group excursion with a local guide to get out and simply be in Nature. Maui has so many beautiful beaches and hikes, and this will be a perfect opportunity for you to integrate the benefits of your silent practices in a regenerative atmosphere. 

This will be a private retreat nestled in the heart of Maui; a lush, vibrant land where you can actually feel comfortable taking deep breaths! Maui is known as one of the most popular spots on Earth to unplug from the grind. 

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