That which we are seeking is ever-present, waiting to fully embrace us. Yoga happens when we surrender to this Truth. 


Location: Everyday People Yoga
Eugene, Oregon
Teachers: Chitroop Taylor, Yogeshwar Prado, Soma Bhargo,  Zoe Werthamer, Matt Shinkai Kane, Phoenix Desmond. Read their bios on our teachers page.

SPRING 2020 DATES: 9 intensive weekends
March:  14 – 15, 21 – 22, 28 – 29
April:  4 – 5, 18 – 19, 25 – 26
May:  2 – 3, 16 – 17,  23 – 24



Tuition: $2,700 
Deposit: $324
Couples discount: 10 %

Monthly auto-pay plans are granted on an individual basis. We are not able to offer scholarships.
How to register: Please apply under the registration tab. We review applications once a deposit has been made. Deposits and tuition payments are non-refundable. 


What’s Included:

  • 3 months of unlimited classes at EPY
  • 16 days of personal instruction, inspiration, and guidance from many different teachers: daily yoga & meditation classes, kirtan (chanting) sessions, and yogic discussions
  • Comprehensive training manual, Hardcover copy of the Bhagavad Gita
  • Certificate of completion which will allow for RYT registration with Yoga Alliance. (upon finishing all educational requirements)
  • Mentor program: opportunities to connect with both the teachers from the immersion, and the community of teachers at EPY

۞ General Information – Yoga Teacher Trainings ۞

21 Day Maui Yoga Teacher Trainin

ૐ The multidimensional, 200-hour yoga teacher training intensives are held at our private, serene studio in downtown Eugene, Oregon. We flow around the existing class schedule, which allows participants to take classes with multiple teachers while working with our trainers. In this way, the sangha, or community of practitioners, that forms is able to experience transformation on multiple levels of being.


Whether you intend to teach yoga postures is not important; this intensive format offers yoga as a way of life for those who are dedicated to self-mastery. Dedication does not depend on physical ability—it relates to your inner drive to be a healthier, happier, more wholesome human being—not simply for yourself, but for the sake of countless others who need your compassionate guidance at this time. Much more than a certificate, the intention is to directly align you with your mission (dharma).

Together we will be taking a journey into the often unexplored realms of consciousness, to support both personal and planetary healing. We will grow as a unified organism, enjoying a safe space to shed self-destructive habits and mental tendencies, and replacing them with healthy, yogic lifestyle patterns.

We will practice sustainable asana, along with short, yet consistent meditation sessions, study postures and alignment for hundreds of poses/modifications/variations. and explore a wide range of yogic paths and philosophies—all the while supporting one another as we share our challenges and triumphs along the path.

Lectures are replaced by direct experience through practice and discussion. Dogma is replaced with universal spiritual laws that are heart-centered. We will be taking a genuine approach to yoga, diving deep for insights that reveal our connection to the Source. You will be encouraged to purify your body/mind, expand your awareness, and increase your heart’s capacity to love. Due to the nature of this training, participants should expect to be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. It won’t be easy! But for those who are dedicated to the path, the sacrifice and effort necessary will be embraced, and will lead to many lasting rewards.

Is this healing journey for you?

  • You are drawn to the healing arts, and being of service to others
  • You aren’t afraid to acknowledge and be reverent toward the Divinity within and around you
  • You are able to take responsibility for your own mental, emotional and spiritual blocks, and have a willingness to work through them 
  • You view sadhana (yoga practice) as a life-long exploration
  • Longevity, quality of life, and alignment with Nature all have special appeal to you

We have all chosen to be guests on Mother Earth during this incredible age of healing and transformation. For those who hear the call, this training will serve as an activation to awaken the divine healer within. The center itself will serve as the charging station, which will hold safe space during your transformation.

❂ (Not Your) Average Day ❂

8 – 10:30 am: Guided meditation or pranayama, guided posture (asana), universal chanting (kirtan) with harmonium

10:30 – 11:45 am: Light yogic discussion

11:45 – 1:15 pm: Lunch

1:15 – 5:15 pm: Discussion, studying poses and teaching techniques

5:15 – 6:45 pm: Dinner

6:45 – 9 or 9:30 pm: (depending on the day) Group interactions, practice teaching, shared readings

Practicing in Nature


Reading List



۞ List of Discussions for 2020 ۞


What is Yoga? Preparing to Practice

Essential Western Anatomy

Exploring Yin/Restorative Yoga

Becoming a Teacher

States of Mind and The Roots of Ignorance

Obstacles on the Path and their remedies

Guru Yoga: The Guru/Disciple vs. Teacher/Student Relationship

Activating the Voice for Creative Self Expression

Yogic Diet & Lifestyle

Essential Eastern Anatomy: Chakras and Nadis

Eastern views of Energy and our Bodies

Business Aspects of Teaching

Teaching Yoga as a Zen Monk in Japan

Principles of Thai Yoga Therapy

Giving Thai Assists

Yogic cleansing practices for health and longevity

The Eightfold Path

Teaching to Special Conditions

Visual and verbal instruction

Your Word is Your Wand: Hands-off Assists

Teaching and Practicing Advanced Yoga Postures

The Qualities of a Noble Teacher

Yoga Beyond Religion: An Ancient Science and Art

Esoteric Yoga: The mystical 108, Bandhas, Mudras, Malas, and other symbolism

Ancient Hawaiian Yogic culture

Pre/post-graduate mentor program

We know it takes time to process and integrate a 21 day intensive training. Once the members of the sangha go their separate ways, oftentimes there can arise doubts and other difficulties as graduates begin to apply their experience to societal life. For this reason, we’ve developed a mentor program that allows you to continue to connect with both your teachers, and one another in multiple ways: options to engage through email and social media groups, interactive chats, and personal phone conversations with your lead instructor(s), all spread out over time help to both solidify positive lifestyle changes, and to ensure a more successful integration into society.




❂ Insights from Graduates ❂

Want to connect with former graduates? Learn more

I came to complete a Yoga Teacher Training, and I received a total mind, body, and soul transformation. This training has opened a window to more knowledge, not just for teaching purposes, but into a Yogic lifestyle, spiritual awakening and a whole reset of the mind.

– Irina Pilipenko

Weeks after the training I’m continuing to receive from my 3 week experience…The ability to breath and meditate through questions to arrive at answers that support a rigorously honest approach to life, has been of great service to my path. Yoga is life, and the EPY training helped open doors to a more diverse life experience.

– Elizabeth Kehaulani Christian

This program effectively jump started me on a path towards greater health and well-being, not to mention a deeper more profound inner connection with the divine nature of my higher self. My personal yoga and meditation practice has refined itself immensely since our work together, to the point at which I feel excited to share the fruits of my practice with the world.

– Gabriel Rima

Be careful—this training will transform your life if you let it! The depth of Phoenix’s knowledge and practice of both the yoga philosophy and physical asanas is profound. I loved that there was ample opportunity for group discussion, questions, practice and meditation. I learned so much and truly enjoyed myself through this training.

– Shelley Villalobos

The breadth and depth of information relating to the practice of yoga was immense and insightful…Phoenix knows yoga intimately and I feel extremely fortunate to have studied under him.

– Heidi Zola

I would recommend the Yoga teacher training at EPY without reservation. It’s a comprehensive, well rounded, and transformative program, whether you’re interested in an immersion experience or wish to share Yoga with others.”

– Danni Frans

Phoenix goes far beyond the requirements to ensure that students gain a deep understanding of what goes into teaching yoga. Before going into it, I wasn’t sure if I was physically advanced enough, but I quickly learned that true dedication to the practice is most important.

– Elyse James

The training surpassed my expectations. I’ve not only deepened my yoga practice, but gained the confidence and skill to be a solid teacher. I highly recommend this training to serious students of yoga.

– Soma Liana Bhargo


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