Chitroop Taylor


Brief info

Om Namah Shivaya! Yoga has brought me on an ecstatic journey into the vast treasures of Divine Consciousness. The Yoga I offer is the same Yoga I practice: strength through concentration, healing through breath, Love through Devotion, joy through discipline. To me, the heart is a shrine room, the body is a temple, the classroom is everywhere I am and the teachers are everyone I meet.

The Yoga postures are remarkable to experience. In one sense they are a powerful set of tools for mindfulness, health and longevity. In another sense they are sacred geometrical structures that attunes us to higher cosmic energies while cultivating balance in the mind-body on Mother Earth. The practice may evoke a feeling of interconnectedness; may reveal a profound longing in our hearts to understand ourselves. With sustained effort, we realize peace ever more deeply, so much that it overflows our being! After 8 years of practice and over 1000 classes as a teacher, I feel I have only just begun! Life is wild, always better with a smile :) Shanti Shanti Shanti!