The saints

When you first visit Everyday People Yoga Eugene, you will notice that there are several pictures of saints in various places of the building. The images of the saints are present to remind us of our potential as human beings. There are many who believe that simply meditating over an image or likeness of an awakened being such as Jesus or Buddha can uplift the spirit, and inspire us to grow spiritually.

Though we may never be blessed with the opportunity to interact with a living saint on a physical level, there is always an energetic imprint that is left behind. There are some who believe that simply gazing at a picture of a saint can help to awaken this energy within us.

It is interesting to note that most men and women whom we consider to be saints did not adhere to any particular religion, and none of them forced others to accept their teachings. Through their words and actions, they served as symbols of higher truths that we too can realize, given that we hold pure intentions.

We have a very short time on this beautiful planet. Every moment is an opportunity to make a positive impression on someone else. There have been many saints, some of them still living, who have lived to serve others. By making service the focus of their lives, they were not only provided for—they thrived. “Give and you shall receive” holds just as much weight today as it did thousands of years ago.

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