After over 6 years offering donation-based classes to the local community, Everyday People Yoga has decided to strike more of a middle way between extremes. On the one hand, we have created a fixed rate for classes, expanding our pass/membership offerings. On the other hand, our rates remain very affordable. There are several main reasons that we have made this decision:


  1. To reward students who have a committed practice with more pass/membership options and discounted rates.
  2. To avoid confusion for students, who are used to paying a fixed price for items and services in modern society.
  3. To more fairly compensate teachers.
  4. To be able to implement a simpler, more automated system for registration and pass recognition.


Along with rate changes, we will also be removing the donation box, replacing the clipboard with a software-based registration and check-in process, and accepting credit cards at the studio. After February 10, students will need to check in with their teacher before each class. Passes and memberships purchased before Feb. 10 will still be valid; students will simply check in with their teacher. We will do our best to make these changes as smoothly as possible. Please bear with us! It is our sincere hope that they will be in the highest interest of the entire EPY community: its students and teachers.  


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