Pranic healing

Pranic healing is a yogic science: Life-force is channeled through an open medium to strip the body of thought forms that interfere with its natural healing ability. There is no condition – physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual – that won’t respond to this form of treatment.

Current circumstances require that healing sessions be practiced remotely; simply email a recent picture of yourself, a friend or family member that is either living, or passed on less than 3 years ago. Group requests are also possible. You are welcome, but not required to add any relevant details, such as specific areas of concern. Once an email request is received, healing energy is transmitted at intervals according to the needs of the individual(s).


Phoenix Desmond

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Availability & Exchange

Energy Exchange

Offerings from the heart are always accepted, but there are no expectations.


"My back in particular has been feeling much lighter and stronger, and I feel stronger and more grounded in my lower body now." - Aaron F.

"I felt elated, at ease, very warm....I am healing from this winter illness, rapidly now...I felt your loving presence with me after we hung up the phones. I felt it during my half hour meditation that followed." - C. T.

"At some point past the middle of our session, I felt the tangible presence of love...Since our session, I have felt lighter and more joyful." - Young-Min Koh

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