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EPY is a donation-based Vinyasa yoga studio in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Vinyasa means "to place (poses) in a special way." A sibling of Hatha yoga, Vinyasa classes focus on safe sequencing. Restorative and gentle yoga classes are for students who either desire a slower pace, or are newer to yoga.

Everyday People Yoga’s aim is to create a sacred healing space for the cultivation of spirituality through the practice of asana (postures). The yoga classes we offer attempt to eliminate competition, judgement, and exclusivity. The donation model has been established to allow for genuine seekers from all walks of life to experience the benefits of yoga. How does it work?



Add heapfuls of equality

Toss in a few Om’s for community

Add generous amounts of movement

Infuse breath with awareness

Sprinkle bits of Sanskrit to honor the sages

Place your offering in the box

Leave with a smile on your face

Yoga, pure and simple

Everyday People Yoga

If you are breathing, you can practice yoga
Whether you are stiff or flexible, young or old, rich or poor
As long as the will exists to change, to grow, to explore
The ancient art of yoga will endure

Yoga is not a religion
It cannot be reduced to an exercise regimen
No concern for culture, politics, or money
Forget the quirks of the ego—keep it simple, with breath and movement

Somewhere along the meandering path, yoga takes its rightful place
Yoga belongs to everybody

Our location

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352 W. 12th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
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